Bernd Litzenburger (Dipl. Phys)


Bernd finished his studies of physics in 1992 and was in semiconductor research at Technical University Berlin from 1992 – 1996. Since 1996 he continuously works in the PV industry.

Bernd is our senior scientist for semiconductors, solar cells and solar modules. He knows the entire history of research on PV module reliability, and one of his specialties is the modeling of any aspect of a solar module. Bernd is the co-author of a lot of publications, and he is a member of the of the IEC standardization committee.




Dörte Kiok


Dörte is a very experienced specialist in quality assurance and quality management in the solar and electronics manufacturing

industry. From 2000 – 2014 she worked in various positions at the SOLON solar module factory in Germany where she was finally leading the quality assurance department. In the past years she was focusing more on the electronics manufacturing industry. Dörte also is a qualified trainer for IPC.




Lars Podlowski (Dr. rer. nat.; Dipl. Phys)


Lars is working in the PV industry since 1996 when he started his first PV module manufacturing enterprise. Since then is a technical specialist in PV modules and PV module manufacturing, but also used to serve in general management positions.

From 1999 until 2014 Lars was working for SOLON in various leading positions. For almost 10 years he served as global CTO of the SOLON group, and additionally for two years he was general manager for SOLON in Germany.

From mid 2014 - mid 2015 Lars managed a spin-off of the former SOLON R&D department which was working as an independent technology consulting firm for the PV industry. From August 2015 – October 2016 Lars war working with First Solar as director for c-Si R&D where he is leading the module R&D / engineering team in the “Tetrasun” department.

Since March 2017 Lars is an executive board member at PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG. Additionally to his positions Lars was serving as a board member in various PV firms in Europe and the US. He is familiar with managing practices in any organization from start-ups to stock-listed companies, both from the operational and the legal perspective.

Lars holds a PhD in semiconductor physics from the Technical University Berlin, and he is co-author of various publications and PV-related patents or patent applications.




Yonas Zemen (Dipl. Ing.)


Before getting into the PV industry Yonas worked as an electrician. After studying electrical engineering with his diploma thesis at Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, he joined SOLON´s R&D department where very quickly he became a specialist is solar cell interconnection technologies (soldering and conductive adhesives; interconnectors). Yonas cannot only work in R&D but he is very hands-on in PV module manufacturing floors. He is also our expert on off-grid PV systems which he is designing and installing with our partner ZetinSolar.




Oliver Schultz-Wittmann (Dr. rer. nat.; Dipl. Phys)


Oliver works in academic and industrial PV research since the year 2000. He is specialized in solar cell development, characterization and production. During his time at Fraunhofer ISE he developed the first 20% efficient multicrystalline silicon solar cells, a world record that stood for 10 years. After his time in academia, he moved to the US where he has successfully founded the start-up company “TetraSun” in Silicon Valley, which developed passivated contact technology and copper plating on silicon solar cells. After acquisition of TetraSun by First Solar, this technology was ramped to high-volume production. In 2015 Oliver came back to Germany.

Oliver holds a PhD in solar cell physics from the University of Konstanz, and he is co-author of a lot of publications and PV-related patents or patent applications.

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