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Solar modules are high-tech electronic products. The modules often look very similar – just by looking at them, the quality and the expected service life cannot be judged. This requires in-depth expertise. We have been working in the field of solar module technology since 1996 and are experts in solar cells, module raw materials and module production. We have developed this know-how in particular during our joint past at SOLON and were able to achieve many awards even then.

In addition, our scientific staff have gained valuable experience in various projects in the industry in recent years, also in related topics such as systems for off-grid power supply, large-scale PV power plants or tandem solar cells. Since 2017, we have been working together again on the development of new technologies and products that live up to the claim of “Superior Solar Solutions”.

Our fields of competence

Focus on the essentials

Product reliability

Our technology team has been developing and manufacturing PV modules since 1996. We have seen many innovations come and some fail. Over the decades, we have become experts in degradation mechanisms in PV modules and in laboratory tests to estimate module lifetime. Today, we use this knowledge to develop our products.

Production and quality assurance

On behalf of a leading global PV consulting company, our scientists have been involved in more than 30 quality assurance projects (factory audits and production monitoring) in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Singapore as well as in various European countries over the past years. This has given us an excellent overview of global standards in PV module production and we use this to identify the best manufacturing partners for us.

Bifacial photovoltaics

We are pioneers in this area: In 2009, at SOLON we developed the first bifacial solar modules and systems, as we had already recognised the potential at that time. Various concepts were tested. Our first commercial development of a bifacial module took place in 2015. We are currently running a project co-financed by the BMWi as part of the ZIM programme, which resulted in a creation of a bifacial PV rooftop system to be available from 2022.

n-type PV technology

Icon Solarzelle n-type

Already 15 years ago, we worked with high-efficiency solar cells based on so-called n-type wafers. In 2015/2016, our technology team was part of a project in which a new n-type technology was developed to series maturity.

N-type wafers contain a phosphorus doping instead of the usual boron doping, and the manufacturing processes for the solar cell are somewhat more complex. The modules are significantly less susceptible to many degradation mechanisms such as LID, PID and LeTID and are therefore characterised by better long-term stability. This is also reflected in better warranty conditions. Furthermore, solar modules with n-type solar cells are the better choice in the long term from a purely economic point of view.

Outdoor test sites

More than just theory from the lab

In order to verify the performance in real operating conditions, tests in the real laboratory are essential. We operate our own test field on our company premises in Forst (Lausitz) and cooperate with the US company Bay4 Inc. in using their test site in Tucson (Arizona). A current focus is the yield analysis of bifacial solar modules and systems in various configurations.

Science and research

Always on the pulse of time

International cooperations

Our technology team works on many projects in a network with scientific cooperation partners in order to incorporate the expertise of these institutions into our developments.


We regularly share findings from our core fields of work with the PV community through participation in conferences and publications. On an ongoing basis, team members actively participate in the scientific debate – sometimes in the context of other previous employment. We have compiled some of these contributions here.


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