SOLYCO R-TG 108p.3

Transparent double glass module with high efficiency


  • 10BB p-PERC solar cells
  • Dual glass technology
  • Embedding material POE
  • Transparent and bifacial



p-PERC; bifacial; monocrystalline

Front structure

2.0mm tempered solar glass with anti-reflective coating

Structure back

2.0mm tempered glass, cell spaces transparent

Dimensions and weight

1.722mm x 1.134mm x 30mm; 24,5kg

Nominal power


Cable with plug

4mm² solar cable with 120cm length;
original STÄUBLI MC4-Evo 2, IP68

Warranty chart

Double glass structure

This extra rigid construction leads to particularly effective protection of the solar cells through high mechanical stability of the module.

POE embedding

The use of POE instead of the usual EVA as embedding material prevents the formation of acetic acid in the module and thus extends the module life.


SOLYCO R-TG 108p.3

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