All our products follow the claim Superior Solar Solutions.


The best of everything – that’s what’s in this module. Cells made based on n-type wafers in bifacial design, embedded in POE between two glasses, guarantee performance and stability over very long periods of time.


A high-quality product for a wide range of applications. Half cells and modern multi-busbar wiring ensure a module efficiency of over 20%. The black frame gives the product a modern look.


Technically identical to the R-WF, the R-BF has an elegant full-black design. The position in the team is thus clear: the SOLYCO R-BF does not want to go everywhere, it wants to be beautiful. We have paid particular attention to details.


Our transparent PERC cell module promises state-of-the-art technology and extreme long-term stability thanks to the top materials used. The double glass design lends stability and is easy to see through.


Systems with matching components for maximum reliability and convenience during installation and use.

Our employees have already developed several innovative solar systems that have been awarded the “Intersolar Award”, for example. For us, system means the combination of solar module and mounting on the roof. The specially developed modules, in combination with an optimised mounting, fit exactly to the building.


The special solar system for all tiled roofs

After more than 20 years, the 2nd generation of the former SOLON SOLo will be launched. The system impresses with its completely tool-free assembly. The small module dimensions allow PV to be installed even on small or very fragmented roofs. Since the height of the modules is similar to the typical row spacing of roof tiles, the modules integrate beautifully on the roof.


Completely new concept for PV on industrial roofs

In cooperation with ISC Konstanz and funded by the ZIM programme of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, we are developing a completely new type of solar system for industrial flat roofs. An interesting application will be the combination of photovoltaics and green roof. We will publish initial information on this here as soon as our patent application is certified.


Compact presentations on product benefits and product applications.

SOLYCO PV modules 2023

Our photovoltaic products have been available on the market since 2020. In this webinar we would like to give an overview of the current SOLYCO PV modules with a focus on TOPCon technology.

Dates (All webinars are in German at the moment – for an english webinar, please contact us):
Thursday, 02.03.2023

SOLYCO SOLo – The aesthetic PV solution for all tiled roofs.

The new SOLo system will be available from Nov 15th onwards. It combines the possibility of using small and fragmented roofs for PV with a high aesthetic standard for the solar system. In this 20-minute webinar, we explain the concept and the individual components, as well as the ideal areas of application for this new solar system.

Dates (All webinars are in German at the moment – for an english webinar, please contact us):
Next SOLo webinar is planned for 16.02.2023 – the registration link will follow soon


The future has begun and we are shaping it together.

The SOLYCO team has been active in the field of photovoltaic modules and solar products since 1996. For more than 15 years from 1999 to 2014, we played a key role in shaping the product strategy and quality philosophy of the former German solar company SOLON. Our technology company SOLYCO Technology GmbH is a former SOLON R&D unit that our CTO took over as part of a management buyout. SOLON’s former spirit as one of the most innovative German solar companies for high-quality and durable photovoltaic modules lives on in the SOLYCO brand. The basis for this is our team of experts and scientists who have been pioneers in the field of solar module technology for many years. Translated with (free version)


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