Green roofs and solar energy:
The ideal combination with SOLYCO SOLon

With the SOLYCO SOLon, a real symbiosis of green roofs and solar power generation is finally possible. All the advantages of the green roof are retained without restriction.


Solar modules

  • 42 bifacial n-type half cells
  • Transparent double glass
  • 160Wp power output
Icon Solarzelle n-type


  • Surface load 12-22kg/m²
  • Quick and easy setup
  • No roof intrusion

Overall system

  • Retrofittable to all existing green roofs
  • Tolerant of partial shading
  • Output per roof surface: 100 W/m²

Overview SOLYCO SOLon

Cell technology

n-TOPCon; monocrystalline

Module dimensions

2011mm x 415mm x 7.5mm

Module weight



2 x 3.2mm tempered solar glass with anti-reflective coating

Bifacial coefficient

80% +/- 5%

Guarantee chart

Garantierte Leistung n-Typ

Ideal combination

The system is evenly rained on and illuminated by the sun. Solar energy can be generated without restricting the advantages of a green roof.

Tested statics

The wind effects on the system have been tested, and the statics have been calculated on the basis of these results.

Premium sales partner

Optigrün Logo_EN

OPTIGRÜN international AG is our premium sales partner for the SOLon product and the market leader in green roofs and buildings. The company has already been successfully active in the construction industry for 50 years.

By bundling competencies and decades of experience in the field of energy generation and green roofs, the two companies SOLYCO and OPTIGRÜN offer builders, investors, planners, architects and municipalities a well thought-out and economical solution for sustainable urban development.

Other sales partners



Brochure (Datasheet) DE EN FR

Installation manual: in progress

Product and performance guarantee DE

Certificates/test reports:

IEC 61215 and 61730

CE Declaration

ML test

Do you have questions about the SOLon system or do you have a potential project? Please contact us by phone or e-mail at +49 30 403 619 42 or

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